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Product Management

Startup Scout

The Startup Scout show is the place to discover the most exciting early-stage startups and founders before they become worldwide household names.

What is Startup Scout?

Each week I interview incredible founders about their innovative companies, disruptive products, and their plans to become market leaders in their industry. Startup Scout guests give audiences an insider look into their company, show live product demos, run through pitch decks, and tell us about how their startups are going to win in their category.

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Mission of Startup Scout

The mission of Startup Scout is to give trailblazing founders of high-potential startups a platform to tell the world about their products and companies.

Why be a guest on the show?

Having founded, advised, and invested in startups I know how important awareness and presence are for acquiring new users, paying customers, and getting onto investors’ radars. Each episode is posted on every major platform and I personally share specific founder stories with specific individuals in my network.

Episodes run approximately 30-40 minutes, with founders coming on the show to talk about their startup, the problem it solves, and how they intend to create category-defining products. Interviews include the opportunity to present your investor or sales deck and conduct demos all the while engaging in an engaging, inquisitive conversation about your startup.

Startup Scout is different from other shows as you’re not speaking with a traditional podcast host. Instead, you’re chatting with an active operator in the industry with startup and scale up experience spanning marketplaces, eComm, SaaS, consultancy, and management & leadership.

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Want to be a guest on the show?

Benefits of being on the show

Criteria for being on the show

Startup Scout guests come in all shapes and sizes with the three guiding principles being:

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Get featured as a guest

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