Not Sure if You’re Selling to Power? Ask this.

You’ve done everything right. You’ve moved the deal along perfectly through the sales stages and it’s time to send out the paperwork. You email the contract to your Point of Contact (POC) and sit back waiting for it to be signed and returned. Instead, your mail pings with a message: “Hey, thanks for sending this […]

Information Architecture — UX Design’s much under-loved step-cousin

When the principles of design and architecture collide in the digital world the supernova we are left with is the area of Information Architecture (IA). What is Information Architecture? In a nutshell, IA is all about structuring information so that it is easily and usefully navigable by the user in pursuit of their goals. Like […]

What UX Designers can Learn from House Painters

How do you do a thing? How do you go from the state of having the idea to do a thing, all the way through to the state of having completed that thing? The study of this — the study of how a person goes about completing an intended action, or goal, or task — […]

What is User Experience?

It’s well known that one of the quickest ways to learn is to teach, so what better way to get the digital chalkboard out than to so some Mediuming-ing. So what is User Experience? How do we design for it? It’s at this point that a writer searches for answers from an oracle or a […]