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Product Management

Hey, I'm

Nick Hynes

Product leader | Consultant | Advisor

Hey, I'm

Nick Hynes

Product leader | Consultant | Advisor

About me

For over 10 years I’ve been leading teams, launching startups, growing scaleups, and advising founding teams on how to build outstanding, revenue-generating products for tens of millions of users worldwide.

As an experienced Product leader and people manager, I provide growing startups and scaling companies with a strong combination of business, design, and technology expertise to deliver products and features which users love. I lead multinational, cross-functional teams to launch value-adding products by applying principles learned from a background spanning the military, enterprise, startups and scale-ups.

What I do

Product Leadership

I have a strong track-record of building, managing, and leading top-class Product and Design professionals. I believe in building Products which are loved by users and drive businesses forward.


I consult startups and scaleups. I have transformed businesses by building out their Product strategy, instituting best-in-class Product development processes, and driving business outcomes which are good for both the customer and the company.


I advise high-potential, early-stage companies which are led by driven founders looking to fundamentally disrupt their industry. I’m always happy to chatting with pre-revenue and pre-Product / Market fit candidates.

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